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A free Roku Player? Yes please! provides video services aplenty.  Their offerings range from simple, free membership services to advanced video storage and streaming solutions for businesses.  This month, they are offering a drawing to three random new members for a chance to win a free Roku Player!  If you are interested, visit for more details.  I know I’m certainly going to sign up…Brittnie and I watch a ton of Netflix, and a Roku player would be an awesome addition to our gadget family :-)   Not to mention Motion Box could be very useful in Living With a Nerd’s future…we are currently toying with the idea of a video podcast, and their services would definitely make a good home for us!

HTC Ozone Review

HTC has created what is quite possibly the best Windows Mobile 6.1 device ever conceived. With the HTC Ozone (known as the HTC Snap on Sprint), HTC has crammed a massive amount of function into a rather small amount of space.

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