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CM9 Alpha 2 on Touchpad impressions

Now that we’ve had a chance to put CM9 Alpha 2 through its paces on our 32GB Touchpad, we figured it was time we put up our impressions.

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Nespresso Essenza instant espresso machine

Do you want to have access to tasty espresso in the comfort of your own home, but don’t want to deal with the maintenance a proper espresso maker demands? The Essenza may be just the machine you’re looking for.

Note: this review is in no way sponsored by Nestle or any of its subsidiaries. We received this machine as a gift from a family member.

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Logitech N315 and M310 review

My 13" 2006 Macbook sitting on the Logitech N315, paired with a Logitech M310 mouse.

I finally got around to installing Steam onto my Macbook, which means I’ll be spending more time on the couch when it comes to light gaming. Not wanting to be stuck with an overheating lap and a trackpad unfriendly for gaming, I decided to pick up an N315 lapdesk and an M310 mouse.

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At long last, Netflix is available for Android on the official Android Market…and with the recent removal of device checks in the app, you can now (in theory) use it on any Android device running Froyo or higher.  Today, we’re going to take a brief look at how well the app functions on two devices, one officially supported and one not officially supported: my Droid 1, and Brittnie’s rooted Nook Color.

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Droid 1 and Droid 2 loose headphone jack repair guide

Does your Droid 1 or Droid 2 suffer from a dreaded (and all too common) loose headphone jack? Here’s a quick and easy guide to fix it without taking your phone apart.

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Barnes and Noble Nook update

Picture acquired from Engadget (as evidenced by the watermark.)

Looks like Barnes and Noble already knew what I wanted.  Today, Barnes and Noble announced a new e-ink Nook, complete with a touch-enabled e-ink screen, redesigned exterior, a more intuitive GUI, vastly extended battery life, and other general improvements.  I don’t like the fact that the Kindle’s slivers have been emulated for the page-turn buttons, and I’m not entirely sold on the Samsung Galaxy-style border, but other than those minor points, this seems like a great upgrade to the original Nook.  I’m going to be hanging on to my first-gen Nook, since I love it too much to get rid of it, but this new version looks like it’s a winner.  Priced at $139, it won’t break the bank either.  In case you prefer the stylings of the the original Nook, it has been granted a price drop to $119.

How I’d like to see the e-ink Nook updated

It’s looking more and more likely that Barnes and Noble’s e-reader announcement on May 24th is going to be related to the e-ink equipped Nook.  I absolutely love mine, although it does admittedly have some shortcomings.  Here are some things I hope to see B&N change (and some things I hope they keep the same).

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New B&N Nook incoming

It looks like Barnes and Noble is set to reveal a new e-reader on May 24th.  Whether it’s going to be an update to the original e-ink equipped Nook or the Nook Color isn’t clear yet, but one thing’s for sure: we will be quivering in anticipation at the prospect of new hardware.  Brittnie and I own an original Nook and a Nook Color, and we absolutely love both of them.  Adding another device to our ever-expanding gadget family is an exciting prospect indeed!

White iPhone 4 available tomorrow

If you’ve been holding your breath all this time for a white iPhone 4, you can finally breathe easy: the white iPhone 4 will officially release around the world tomorrow.  For my fellow Americans, GSM (AT&T) and CDMA (Verizon) flavors will be available.  Everything about the white iPhone 4 is the same as the black iPhone 4, with the exception of the color. 

Anyone with an iPhone 4 planning on ditching it for a white one?

Ever wondered why people think Bose sucks?

Bose products: underperformers for the price they command.  Ever wonder why some people have this view of the company’s products?  Here’s an in-depth and technical article which answers that very question.  It’s a bit old (the last update was in 2004), but its findings still apply today.  Check it out.