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Zombie (1979)


The third entry in our Week of Horror series is Zombie, a 1979 Italian film directed by the legendary Lucio Fulci.

Note:  This review covers the Anchor Bay 2002 release.  Some images inside NSFW.

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Slave of the Cannibal God (1978)

mountain slave of the cannibal god cover

The second entry in our Week of Horror series is Slave of the Cannibal God, a 1978 Italian film starring none other than Ursula AndressRead More »

Suspiria (1977)


Our first entry in our Week of Horror series is Suspiria, a classic 1977 film by legendary Italian film maker Dario Argento.

Note:  Some slightly NSFW images inside

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The Week of Horror!


In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, the next week on Living With a Nerd is going to be a week of horror!  Each day, we are going to review one of our five favourite horror movies.  They will be posted in order of release…I swear this wasn’t intentional, but the five films were released one year after another:  1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, and 1981. 

Stay tuned, it’s going to be a fun week!

The unofficial Gates of Hell trilogy


The Gates of Hell trilogy from horror legend Lucio Fulci is unique in that it isn’t an actual trilogy at all…it is just a series of three movies that share a similar storyline.

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The Dead Next Door


Films like Shriek of the Mutilated and Slave to the Cannibal God prove that independent horror films are some of the best horror films.  The Dead Next Door is no exception.

Note: Gory, NSFW images inside

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The Fourth Kind

Conveying the dread and sheer horror of an alien abduction is a difficult task. The Fourth Kind steps up to the plate and knocks this one out of the park. If you have never been fearful of abduction, you will be after seeing this film.

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Black Hole

Written and drawn by Charles Burns, Black Hole is like a bad LSD trip combined with a nightmare.  With a distinct drawing style and interesting characters, Burns grabs your attention from the first page and doesn’t let go.

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Paranormal Activity


Made for a measly $15,000 and filmed over one week, Paranormal Activity is “the next thing” in ultra-low-budget moviemaking.  Paranormal Activity is a film that is hard to talk about without ruining anything for you, so this review will focus more on the technical aspects rather than the film itself.  Still, I recommend seeing it before you continue reading.

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Rainy Day Movie: Nosferatu

Rainy Day Movie is a feature here on Living With a Nerd that provides short insights into movies and series that you should save for a rainy day.  In this edition of Rainy Day Movie, we explore the legendary vampire film Nosferatu.

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