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The Journal of Avery Moore

I love long and intricate stories as much as the next guy, but sometimes you just want a quick yet effective read. The Journal of Avery Moore is exactly that.

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Freud’s Revenge mini-review

Here’s a look at Freud’s Revenge, a murder mystery that’ll keep you reading late into the night.

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The Black Prism

With The Black Prism, the first entry of the Lightbringer series, Brent Weeks paints a fully-realized world of war, religion, magic, guns, and the struggle for power.

A big bucket of thank you to my good buddy Rob, for introducing me to this book.

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A Town Called Suckhole

David W. Barbee’s latest insanity is a truly bizarro trip through a rusted southern hell.

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The Fall of Billy Hitchings

If you’re into character-driven mystery thrillers with a bit of mysticism thrown in for good measure, you need to pick up a copy of The Fall of Billy Hitchings right now.

Note: we purchased our own copy of this book for review, but in the time since we finished it, we’ve begun talking with the author, Kirkus MacGowan, on Twitter. Give him a follow, and check out his site; he’s a great guy, and a superb writer!

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The Nerdist Way

Chris Hardwick has done it all. From a successful podcast to a career in television and film, his identifiable face and friendly voice is seemingly everywhere. Well, there’s now another place where his face and voice is showing up: on the cover and in the pages of his book, The Nerdist Way.

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Excerpt from a short story I’m working on

I’ve been periodically working on a short story over the past few months…a story which I hope will grow too big for its britches and become something much longer. I recently hit the 10,000 word mark, and in celebration, I thought I’d share part of a scene with you folks.  Enjoy!

Note: In case you missed it before, Reversion, my short story about a zombie slowly coming back to life, can be read for free on Scribd.  Check it out here.

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Love in the Time of Dinosaurs

From new Bizarro author Kirsten Alene comes a tale of monks, kung-fu, dinosaurs, rocket launchers, ray guns, reattached limbs, and forbidden love. Yup, it’s Bizarro time!

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Haru Hana

Despite being marketed towards Japanese teenagers, Shōjo manga can often be hilariously entertaining.  Haru Hana is no exception.

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Crooked Little Vein


Published by Harper Perennial in 2007, Crooked Little Vein marks comic legend Warren Ellis‘ first foray into the world of books.

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