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R.I.P Troy Dixon

troy dixon pure pwnage

A year ago today, Troy Dixon lost his life in a car crash.  Known for his stand-up and his work on Pure Pwnage, Troy was loved by those that knew him in person and those that knew him through Pure Pwnage.  R.I.P, Troy.  We miss you.

Here is a link to the last thing Troy did related to Pure Pwnage, recorded just days prior to his death.

Back from vacation


Sorry folks, it looks like I forgot to make a post for today before we went on vacation in North Carolina.  Regular posting will resume tomorrow.  Stay tuned, we have some great stuff planned in the coming weeks!  Thank you for your patience!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Living With a Nerd!  We hope that you and yours have an awesome holiday!

Sorry folks

Sorry folks, but I won’t have a chance to update the website until the 28th…thanks for your patience!

What would you like to see us write about?

Traffic has been doing well since the changeover to the new layout, so I thought I would ask you the readers: what would you like to see us write about?  If you can think of a movie/comic/book/video game/etc you would like us to review, or if there is a certain topic you would like for us to write an article about, please submit your suggestions by leaving a comment below or sending an email to

The new Living With a Nerd

Welcome to the new Living With a Nerd!  It’s going to be a day or two before this starts looking proper and the old content is available.  Our personal blogs are still available at