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Traffic numbers

Check that out!  The past 7 months have shown explosive growth in our traffic numbers…it looks like we just might break past the 50,000 mark for the year.  Next goal is to increase the number of page loads per visitor.  Help us make this happen…tell your friends to visit Living With a Nerd!  Thanks for making our little corner of the web just a bit bigger :-)

As time goes by

Whew!  After a whirlwind of nearly two weeks, things are returning to “normal” (albeit a newlywed version of normal, lol).  Both the wedding and the honeymoon went REALLY, REALLY well.  We saw a lot of family, ate a lot of great food, and had a ton of fun staying in a suite at a Hilton in Arlington.  I’m still collecting photos from the myriad of cameras that were present, and Brittnie has plans for a massive photo album… should be a fun project :-)

As for Living With a Nerd, expect things to return to normal starting tomorrow.  We have a TON of reviews on tap, including reviews for Limbo, Greed Black Border, Super Mario Galaxy 2, the Nook, Death Note, Lo, Despicable Me, Inception, and more.  We are also in the planning stages for putting together a podcast, the content of which will be done by Brittnie.  The next few weeks will be an exciting time :-)

Possible website irregularities

Good afternoon, everyone!  We just upgraded to WordPress 3.0, and it looks like our page navigation plugin (the one responsible for allowing you to jump between different pages) got borked in the process.  For now, you can scroll through each page in order, but you won’t be able to jump pages for the time being.  We’re working on finding another plugin (or getting a timeline on when the used-to-be-current plugin will be updated), but until then, page navigation is going to be slow and tedious.

If you notice any other weird issues going on, please let us know!

Site redesign in progress

Hey everyone, the site redesign is in progress. Over the next couple of days, you may see some irregularities and weirdness going on. Because this new theme can accommodate wider pictures, older articles will have a lot of blank whitespace due to picture size…new articles won’t suffer from this problem, though. Please leave a comment on this post or email to inform us of anything odd that you encounter. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

Site redesign coming soon

Ever since we moved over to WordPress publishing software, we have been using the pixel theme.  It has served us very well, but I’ve grown tired of the dark style, and while pixel looks great in its default configuration, it is a bit difficult to get it looking exactly how I want it.  Sometime in the next week or so, we will likely be changing over to a lighter, slightly more minimalist design here at Living With a Nerd.  I’m not exactly sure what we will be going with quite yet, but I hope it will make things look cleaner.   Stay tuned!

Ugh. Again.

This week is going to be extremely light on content, possibly devoid of any.  Between insanity going on at work, planning for our wedding, my Mom being in town (hi Mom!), and still trying to get our apartment in order, I have pretty much no time for writing.  A shame, as I’ve got quite a bit to write about!  If nothing else, I’ll try to get a blog post up at some point later this week. 

I’m really sorry about this, I know that this website has been a real roller coaster for the past month or two.  Thank you all so very much for being patient…we still care about all of you!  Sign up for our RSS feed so you can be kept up to date on when we are finally able to post some new stuff -_-;;

The move and the coming week

Brittnie in New Place

We are still extremely busy moving in to our new place, so for the next week or so new articles will be sparse.  We intend to get most of the remaining move completed this weekend, so by next week things should hopefully return to normal.  Thanks for your patience!

New contributor, incoming!

We have recently aquired a new writer!  AndreasL will be the newest contributor here at Living With a Nerd.  He will occasionally contribute to the site, and his first article is set to appear tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned!

Coming up next

Hello everyone.  Between our trip down to SC and the process of moving into a new apartment, things have been a bit hectic around here.  Posting shall resume tomorrow!

The coming week

We are going to be out of town for a while, so there won’t be any updates to the site again until April 1st.  We’ll see you then!

The link of the week for this week is from Ars Technica.  In the aftermath of France’s new three-strike rule, peer-to-peer use is down but overall piracy is up.