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The coming week

This upcoming week, look for a peek back at Portrait of Ruin, The Thing, and Sanitarium.  Our Wednesday Rant this week will cover where the numbered Final Fantasy series went wrong, and our Weekend Album will cover Stars of the Lid‘s epic “Music for Nitrous Oxide”.  Stay tuned!

50,000 visitors for the year

We’ve hit 50,000 visitors for the year!  We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for making what started as a little side project into something that people check every day (or at least every time we update the site, lol.)  Here’s to hoping we can hit 75,000 next year! 

Thank you so very very much, and be sure to tell your friends about us!

The coming week

Our modified game room setup...the layout hasn't changed much, but just moving my tower to the left-side of the desk and taking out the bookshelf has made things look MUCH more open. To give you an idea of size, the main screen is a 42" Panasonic Viera, while the two monitors on my desk are a 23" Asus VH236H and a 20" Dell 2005FPW, both of which are attatched to a Planar dual-arm monitor stand. Also, there is a PS3 Slim sitting under the metal stand that the 360 is sitting's difficult to see because of the offset lighting (the purpose of which is to light up the desk area while keeping the TV area dark.)

This week, I’m hoping to get in a review of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, a look at the movie version of A Town Called Panic, a list of old and modern classics you should play through again (or for the first time!), as well as the Wednesday Rant (entitled “Two steps forward, One step back”) and the Weekend Album (haven’t decided what it will be on.)

This week should be a great one!

No Wednesday rant tomorrow

Hey all.  Just a heads up that there won’t be a Wednesday rant tomorrow…can’t think of anything to be pissed about!  Instead, we’ll be posting a review of the 1950 comedic classic “Harvey”, staring James Stewart.

Normal posting will resume tomorrow

A fine example of some of the crazy cloud formations we had last week. This picture was taken at 2 PM! Hard to believe, but that glowy bit in the picture isn't the moon; it's the freakin' SUN.

What a week!  We watched a TON of movies, I kind of stepped into the present curve by getting a “gently used” phone (a Droid Eris, which, other than the battery, is flippin’ sweet), and had some great conversations that I think will translate into good articles for the future.  Normal posting will resume tomorrow, and our “Wednesday Rant” and “Weekend Album” features will return later this week.  Stay tuned!

Taking the rest of the week off

Unless some major news story drops, we’re going to be taking the rest of the week off here at Living With a Nerd.  No special reason, we just need some time away.  I leave you with this picture of a storm front that moved through here (Maryland) yesterday.

Renn Faire SARS

There won’t be any articles posted here for the next few days…we both got a case of Renn Faire SARS (the not-quite-as-bad cousin of Con SARS) after going to our local Renaissance Faire.  Once we recover a bit, posting will resume as normal.

Let it be known that the Steak on a Stake, beef jerky, and a new goblet to add to our collection were TOTALLY worth congestion and a fever :)

Almost at 100 feed subscribers!

Good afternoon, everyone!  While our average number of daily visitors has been slowly rising, we are nearing 100 RSS feed subscribers!  Help us reach our first century milestone by subscribing to our RSS feed (grab the link from the top or the side of this page), and also by telling your friends about us.  Thanks for making this all worthwhile…we run this site with zero paid advertising or endorsements on it as a way to give back to the culture that has provided us with so much.

Also, please remember that if you have a topic you would like to rant about, submit it to us by emailing it to  Try to keep it between 400-1000 words, and make sure it fits into one of the catagories at the top of this page.  Your rant could be our next Wednesday Rant!

Lastly, if you create your own music, please let us know by shooting us an email about it.  If we like it, we’ll feature you in our new weekly entry that is slated to start tomorrow, called The Weekend Album.  Nothing like some free publicity, eh?

Torrent of our music projects now available

We now have a torrent uploaded on The Pirate Bay that includes all of our publicly released music so far:

  • The Transient Unknown (a spacey ambient project.  Six tracks completed.)
  • Lost on the Way to the Laundry (a chilled-out album to nod your head to.  Two tracks completed.)
  • Implied Reality (our drone project.  Four tracks completed.)

It’s only 45 megs, so it shouldn’t take you too long to download.  Our music is and always will be available completely free…we hope you enjoy it!  Please be sure to listen to our tracks with headphones, as that’s what they’ve been mixed for :)   You can also listen to and download our tracks from Last.FM.

Status update

My apologies for the lack of actual articles lately…I know I’ve been mostly linking to other websites for the past couple of weeks, and I felt like I should explain myself.  Sands of Destruction and Puzzle Quest 2 have been occupying a lot of my time.  Time that I haven’t spent playing DS has been spent putting effort into music.  The track I’m currently working on, Running While Sitting, is almost complete…just a couple of small placement tweaks, and then I’m ready to start doing the final mastering.  I’m super excited about it…definitely good stuff :-)

I’ve got a ton of articles and reviews prepped for writing…movie reviews, a few retrospectives, video game reviews, a couple of hardware reviews, as well as some general nerd culture stuff.  I just need to sit down and write them.  We are also still working out the logistics for our podcast, which will be presented by Brittnie.  We’ve got the topics worked out, we just need to get the style and hardware nailed down.  Also, keep an eye out for a new catagory of articles covering music, including reviews of albums, artists, music in video games, and more.

Thanks for being patient through this boring phase.  Good things are coming, I promise!