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The absurd package of bacon I just bought

I know this technically doesn’t have a place on this site…but c’mon, I couldn’t resist :)  Happy Friday!

Make sure you stop by tomorrow

Hey everyone!  Make sure you stop by here tomorrow…we’re going to be covering a very controversial topic amongst gamers.  The picture above is your only hint :)

Life update

This has become a normal sleeping position for Fizzgigg. She’s taking over our bean bag!

I know there’s been an extended silence around here, but there’s been a LOT going on lately.  I haven’t done one of these “what’s happening now” write-ups in a while, so I figured it was time.

::note:: We postponed our DnD game this week due to Valentine’s Day.  Check back next week for the continuing story, or read back over our previous sessions.

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We don’t have the powah, Captain!

We have been sans power for the past couple of days, thanks to the five-thousandth snow storm to batter the East Coast here in the USA.  According to our power company, we will HOPEFULLY have power back by 11 PM tonight…which pisses me off, because I only got one night to play Dead Space 2 so far :/  Here’s my one sentence review of the first 2 hours:

“When an environment scares you more than the mangled blood-thirsty monstrosities that inhabit it, you know the developers did a good job.”

Sorry about that!

I had big, epic plans for last week here on Living With a Nerd…and then I got sick :(   Anyway, I’m back to about 80% now, so look for us to finally get back on track around here starting tomorrow!

Welcome to 2011!

We managed to get just over 60,000 unique visitors in 2010! Our goal for 2011: 75,000. Help make it happen!

Welcome to 2011, everyone!  I hope you had as much fun in the last two weeks of the year as we did.  Gifts were given, movies were watched, and games were played (not to mention money spent during this year’s epic Steam sale.  I’ve got enough games to last me the next couple of months!)  This year, we hope to slowly move away from the “reviews/links to news” style of writing that we generally stick with, and expand a bit more into commentary on nerd culture.  We’re going to attempt to make our views as neutral as possible (as in explain both sides of the story, regardless of which one we agree with), but obviously being 100% unbiased isn’t possible.  Still, we’re going to try!

Getting back into the swing of things, this week keep an eye out for reviews on The Witcher, Tron Legacy, Dragon Quest IX, some tips on having a functional yet fun gaming space, and more!

My story “Reversion” is now available for free!

Hey all…I know things have been quiet here, but that’s because I’ve been working on the finishing touches of a short story called “Reversion”.  It follows a zombie who awakens, only to find himself slowly coming back to life.  What could such a soul-rending thing do to a man?  Read it and find out!

An excerpt:  ”Knowing he was one of the predators in this place of muted vivaciousness brought peace to his shriveled mind, as he completed the rest of his journey in a tranquil state of animalistic contentment.”

The Coming Week

Happy Monday, everyone!  This week, we’re going to be posting reviews on Ip Man, Shaun of the Dead, and Dragon Quest IX.  For our Weekend Album entry, we’ll be taking a time machine back to 1994 to review ”Ungod”, from Stabbing Westward.  Stay tuned!

The coming week (we’re back!)

Hello, dear readers!  We had a lovely two week break, but we’re finally back in action!  This week, look for articles on Need for Speed Underground 2,  the classic PC game Castles, the b-movie legend Two Thousand Maniacs, and more!

The coming week

I somehow found time for a Warhammer 40k game this weekend. This picture is from the start of turn three. It's hard to see, but in the left portion of the picture was a huge melee...a Dreadnaught, bikers, scarabs, and wraiths. The Terminators you see in the middle eventually made their way over there to mop up the last of the wraiths.

Because of the coming holiday (and all the craziness that comes with it), there likely won’t be much new content posted this week.  We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!