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Dungeons and Dragons session notes to resume tomorrow

Our DM is in the process of moving into a new living space, so we decided to skip last week’s Dungeons and Dragons game.  However, we’re full steam ahead for this week’s game, so check back in tomorrow for session log #10.  After defeating a Darkweaver in our previous session, the party is going to venture deeper into the Shadow Realm tonight.  Can’t wait!

If you want to catch up, you can find all of our previous session logs right here.

Our new mobile theme is live

We finally have a mobile theme in place that is functional and semi-pleasing to the eye.  To check it out, just visit Living With a Nerd on your mobile device.  There are still some tweaks we have to do to get it just right (including some loading optimizations), but as it stands now, browsing the site on your mobile device just got a whole lot easier.

How it feels when I’m near a ghost

In an earlier article, I spoke of the first time I encountered the ghost in my childhood home.

The title says it all with this one.

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The Smiling Occupant

I recently dug up something I wrote down a while ago: my first encounter with the ethereal woman who floated down the hallways of my childhood home.  After all: you don’t forget the first time you encounter a ghost.

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The coming week

Hello, dear readers!  Our DnD game this week has been postponed to Wednesday, so you can expect our session log to be posted on Thursday.  In our session log’s normal place, you can expect our review of the PC version of Crysis 2 to post up tomorrow.  Later, you’ll get our review of The Box, as well as our review of Ars Technica’s book Unmasked (complete with comparison shots of how the book looks on an e-ink-equipped nook and a nook color.)  Stay tuned!

Hey all…sorry for the delay, but there are some details I need to gather together to complete this week’s session log.  It should post up tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay !

Potential server issues

Hello, good readers!  As a few of you have pointed out (and as I’ve seen myself while tooling around), my server host has been acting a little screwy lately.  I think they may have some hardware in Japan, as the oddities (blank posts, time-outs, random 404 errors, “Host not available” ISA errors, etc) started occuring the same day as the earthquake.  Hopefully, these problems will fix themselves over the next few days, but if they continue going into this weekend, I’ll contact my host and get a definite answer.

If you come across anything strange, such as missing content, broken links, corrupted images, or anything like that, please send me an email, contact me on Twitter, or contact me on Facebook.  Thanks for your patience!

No Dungeons and Dragons session log this week

Our Dungeons and Dragons session was postponed this week, due to some family stuff going on with one of our players.  We will be back in action next week, though!

The coming week

Fizzgigg helps us do the laundry. By "helps us do the laundry", I mean "helps cover our clothes in orange fur."

Content may be a bit sparse around here this week.  My parents are coming into town tonight from North Carolina, and with Dragon Age II coming out tomorrow (and with Pokemon Black and White being released yesterday), I likely won’t have much time to write.  Our weekly DnD game has been postponed until Wednesday Night, so look for our session log on Thursday.

New Tweet and Facebook Like buttons

Good early morning, everyone!  Just a quick note: there are now Tweet and Facebook Like buttons at the end of every article.  Please help us expand by clicking on one or the other after you read our content.  Thank you!