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There will be updates. Oh yes…there will be.

Pictured: my injured hand. Well, not really. But yeah…really.

Good morning, dear readers! Just wanted to provide an update on what’s going on. My hand still hurts like hell, but it’s healing quickly: my fingers can move again, and the swelling has gone WAY down, but I still have limited motion in my wrist and thumb. I’ve spent a lot of my time watching things, since I haven’t been able to game at all (except for Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3, since it can be played one-handed.) Expect a deluge of movie/TV show reviews once I can type with both hands again.

When will that be? Well, I’m hoping to start posting again on Monday, but it all depends on how things go. In any event, once I’m able to type again, there will be a lot of back-to-back posting days, something that we haven’t had in a while around here. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!

Living With a Nerd’s Year in Review

Join us as we take a look back at the good, bad, ugly, and amazing things that happened to Living With a Nerd in 2011.

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Why we won’t be reviewing Skyrim

Skyrim reviews are going to be a dime a dozen once the game launches, so rather than do the same thing as everyone else, we here at Living With a Nerd are going to take a different approach: we’re going to be keeping extensive notes while playing, and will be putting together short stories based on our experiences in-game. The stories will be written from the perspective of our character, and will range from epic battles to hiking through mountains at dusk.

Since Elder Scrolls games tend to affect people on a deep level that a normal review can’t describe, we feel this would be a great way to show what Skyrim is capable of doing, and what it’s like to actually play it. In an effort to keep spoilers to an absolute minimum, we will be restricting these stories to things that we do on our own; we will omit any and all reference to the main plot, and we’ll also do our best to avoid describing any of the major sidequests.

Because Living With a Nerd is just a blog run by a couple of married nerds, we don’t have any early access to games. We buy them just like you do, and don’t get to play them until you do. We’ll do our best to get the first of the stories cranked out and put up on the site within a day or two of Skyrim’s release, but it may be up to a few days until after release before you see anything on here. After all, we’ll have to try to pry ourselves away from it long enough to actually write!

11/11/11 is almost upon us, fellow gamers. Get any outstanding work completed, finish off any other games you may be playing, and prepare to kiss your free time goodbye.

No Classic Monday entry today

Rather than the usual “Classic Monday” article, we’ll be posting up thoughts on today’s Brown v. EMA Supreme Court decision. Look for that article to replace this notice sometime later this evening, once we’ve had a chance to read through the Slip Opinion. If you’re interested in reading the 92-page PDF, you can find it right here.

EDIT: Well, nevermind.  Folks around the Internet have done a far better job than I could possibly hope to do in regards to covering this case.

  • Giant Bomb offers up some of the tastier excerpts from the opinion put out by the SCOTUS.
  • Ars Technica covers the decision, and provides a reaction on the two dissenting opinions.
  • SCOTUSblog continues their long-running tradition of quality analysis for those who are better-versed in legalese.
  • Kotaku throws their hat in the ring with their own thoughts.

Props to the Judges that admitted in their written opinions that, even though they do not support (and at times abhor) violent video games, the California law was far too broad as it was written.

Another site/life update

Time for another life update/site update. Click through for a lengthy read about why Living With a Nerd has been devoid of content for the past couple of weeks, along with more detailed…uh…details on the planned shift in our content.

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The state of Living With a Nerd

I know there hasn’t been much content around here lately, and for that I apologize.  Two of our very close friends just moved across the country this week, and we’ve found it hard to concentrate on writing (or anything else, really…)  No worries, though!  Our motivation and creativity are slowly returning, and we should be back to our regular posting schedule next week.

Speaking of “regular posting”, we’re currently looking into some slight format changes around here.  Nothing is set in stone, but we are likely going to start focusing more on nerd and geek culture in general, rather than the review-heavy format we’ve stuck to for so long.  If this shift were to occur, the site would become much more like a regular blog, rather than an attempt to emulate sites that are far bigger and more talented than us.  

Ideas we currently have rattling around in our noggins: lamenting the end of physical gaming media, possibly doing some kind of cross-over conversation with the fine folks over at Epic Brew, the assembly of a long-hinted at podcast…oh, and isn’t there some kind of nerdy convention going on next week?  Due to my obligations with Gameblurb and my work schedule, we’re not going to be able to do the kind of coverage we did for E3 2010…most likely, we’ll just do wrapup posts at the end of each day.

Questions?  Comments? Concerns?  Suggestions for content?  Leave us a comment on this post, follow us on Twitter, or shoot us an email!

eBay Auctions are up!

It’s that time again: Brittnie and I are digging through our stuff, and putting some of it up for sale.  There will be new items added over the next few days, but as of the time of this posting, here’s what’s available:

  • Amon Saga, Doomed Megalopolis, and Samurai X: Reflection DVD lot
  • Superbad, 2-disc unrated special edition DVD
  • Dimmu Borgir World Misanthropy concert DVD
  • Four game N64 cart lot (pictured above)
  • Faces of Death Double Feature: Includes “Original Worst Of” and “Faces of Death II”
  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica X (PS2)
  • Fable: The Lost Chapters (original Xbox)
  • Creakwood Liege, Eventide

There are some other movies, anime, games, and a couple of other Magic: The Gathering cards that will make an appearance soon.  I’m considering putting up my Audio Technica ATH-AD700s, but I’m not sure if I can bring myself to part with them :p  Once again, you can check out our auctions here.

Down for the count

Ginger chicken and seaweed soup (visible in the upper right corner), from Noodle Bowl in Rockville, MD.

I’ve been down for the count over the past couple of days with a wicked cold.  I’m slowly getting better, but suffice it to say, it may be another couple of days before there’s new content posted up around here.  We’ll hopefully be back starting Monday.  Besides, who the heck gets a cold in the middle of May???

This post, dear reader, is all about you!

Or rather, this post is all about what you’ve done.  Yesterday, our article about how to get scared playing video games went supernova on, leading to a massive number of visitors.  How many?  How about more than any other single day in Living With a Nerd history! (aka roughly HALF as many visitors as we had in our entire first year!)  Even though some of the visits were instant bouncers, a not-insignificant number of you read the whole article and went on to view other parts of the site.

I’d like to take this moment to welcome any new readers we may have gained from yesterday’s crazyness, and give thanks to those that helped make it possible!  Please follow us on StumbleUpon and Twitter, as well as sign up for our RSS feed to stay up-to-date with new content.  Thanks again to everyone that made yesterday such a huge day for us!

PS: An extra big thank you to for linking to us, and to @cymmot101 from for helping spread the word!

Guest writer for Little-Players

I now have a guest writing spot on the blogs.  Every Friday, I’ll be posting an article on there about gaming culture, be it past or present.  My first entry covers the gaming revolution of 1996.