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Five ways to increase gaming performance

Our very own AndreasL gives some tips on how to squeeze those extra frames per second out of your system.

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iCorner #1: Halloween Edition

Our own AndreasL presents the first in a series of articles that cover iPhone/iPod Touch apps.

Good-sounding, comfortable, and stylish gaming headsets can be very hard to find…especially if you have a limited budget.  Luckily, our very own AndreasL was able to find this decent headset from Creative.

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How to play DOS games on your modern machine

Our very own AndreasL gives a short tutorial on how to use DOSBox.

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Tetris DS mini review

Tetris is probably one of the most famous games ever…it’s been remade and ported to nearly every console and phone out there.  We all know it’s one of the greatest puzzle games ever created, but is the DS version actually worth your money?

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Make use of an old computer…Ubuntunize it!

hp con tablet

AndreasL is a new contributor for Living With a Nerd.  Here is his first article, outlining how to make a hard drive-less laptop useful again by installing Ubuntu Netbook Remix on USB key.

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