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Gameboy Advance RPG suggestions

I owned a Gameboy Advance (and later an SP) back in the day, and although I played it a lot, I didn’t really get into RPGs on the system all that much.  Going through Radiant Historia on my DS has rekindled my RPG itch, so I figured it was time to go back and check out a bunch of games I had missed.  After doing some quick research, I found there’s a treasure trove of RPGs on the Gameboy Advance…and best of all, they’re 2D sprite-based games! 

I’ve already compiled a list of the ones I plan to pick up, but I wanted to solicit some opinions from you folks: what essential GBA RPGs am I missing from this list?  Thanks!

  • Final Fantasy Rereleases (I-VI) (I’ve played most of them, but I figured what they hey.)
  • Final Fantasy Tactics (started but never finished it)
  • Golden Sun & sequel
  • Fire Emblem & sequel
  • Breath of Fire and sequel
  • Lunar Legend
  • Sword of Mana
  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
  • Mazes of Fate
  • Shining Soul & sequel
  • Riviera: The Promised Land
  • Yggdra Union

Please suggest some more, everyone!  Turn-based, action, strategy…it doesn’t matter.  Just shoot any GBA RPG suggestions my way.  Thanks!

Classic Mondays: Breath of Fire

Every Monday, we’re going to take a short look at a classic game that redefined, embodied, or perfected a genre.  This week, we revisit Breath of Fire.

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Excerpt from a short story I’m working on

I’ve been periodically working on a short story over the past few months…a story which I hope will grow too big for its britches and become something much longer. I recently hit the 10,000 word mark, and in celebration, I thought I’d share part of a scene with you folks.  Enjoy!

Note: In case you missed it before, Reversion, my short story about a zombie slowly coming back to life, can be read for free on Scribd.  Check it out here.

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Serious Sam HD Double Pack on sale!

On the left, we have the original version. On the right: the HD remake. Quite a difference, eh?

Steam has the Serious Sam HD Double Pack on sale this weekend for only $7.49!  If you’ve never played either Serious Sam game, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so.  No other games do outlandish weapons, slap-nuts funny comedy, or hordes of enemies better than Serious Sam.  As evidenced above, the HD remakes are more than just a simple upconversion on the visuals…all of the art has been completely redone.  Just think: this insanity can be yours for the cost of lunch!

The genius of Atlus

My Friday blog post over at Little-Players is now up.  Join me as I take a look at Atlus, one of the best developers/publishers in the gaming biz.

Gaming with Chronic Pain

Gaming is a hobby enjoyed by millions of people all over the world…young and old, big or small. Unfortunately, it requires you to remain stationary for long periods of time, which can pose quite a challenge for those of us with chronic pain.  If you’re one of the many gamers out there that has to deal with chronic pain, here’s some tips on how to make your hobby a little easier to bear.

Disclaimer: I’m hardly anything even remotely close to being a doctor, so please remember that the suggestions in this article are merely based on my own experience; they may or may not work for you.  As always, consult your doctor for the final say when dealing with anything regarding your health.

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Five games in 24 hours

Pop quiz clock from

Is it possible to finish five high-quality games in only 24 hours?  Indeed it is!

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With clear inspiration from games like Braid, Trine, and Super Metroid, Capsized threatens to crush your hopes for survival.

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This post, dear reader, is all about you!

Or rather, this post is all about what you’ve done.  Yesterday, our article about how to get scared playing video games went supernova on, leading to a massive number of visitors.  How many?  How about more than any other single day in Living With a Nerd history! (aka roughly HALF as many visitors as we had in our entire first year!)  Even though some of the visits were instant bouncers, a not-insignificant number of you read the whole article and went on to view other parts of the site.

I’d like to take this moment to welcome any new readers we may have gained from yesterday’s crazyness, and give thanks to those that helped make it possible!  Please follow us on StumbleUpon and Twitter, as well as sign up for our RSS feed to stay up-to-date with new content.  Thanks again to everyone that made yesterday such a huge day for us!

PS: An extra big thank you to for linking to us, and to @cymmot101 from for helping spread the word!

Classic Mondays – Hunter Hunted

Every Monday, we’re going to take a short look at a classic game that redefined, embodied, or perfected a genre.  This week, we revisit Hunter Hunted.

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