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Backlog 2012: Rage

Our 2012 Backlog slog continues with a trip into the blasted wastelands of id Software’s Rage.

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Classic Mondays: Robot City

robot city cover

The 90s were the golden age of point-and-click adventure games. An excellent but relatively unknown entry in the genre was Robot City.

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The Weekend Album: Ninja Gaiden (NES)

Image obtained from Retro-Treasures

When most people think about the NES version of Ninja Gaiden, they usually think about the brutal difficulty, or the wall-clinging abilities of Ryu Hayabusa, or the extremely well done cutscenes. But what about the soundtrack?

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Classic Mondays: Secret of Evermore

Rounding out the Holy Quadrilogy of RPGs on the SNES (Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Final Fantasy III (aka VI), and Chrono Trigger), Secret of Evermore offered up gorgeous graphics, a story that spanned the breadth of your imagination, and a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack that still gives me goosebumps to this day.

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Is The Lawnmower Man still relevant 20 years later?

20 years ago, The Lawnmower Man presented a variety of moral conundrums and predictions about the use of technology. The question is, are those conundrums and predictions still relevant?

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Classic Mondays: Sanitarium

In this week’s Classic Mondays feature, we take a look at the 1998 PC adventure classic Sanitarium.

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The Weekend Album: Mind Elevation

Nightmares on Wax produces some of the best head-nodding, foot-tapping, chilled-out downtempo tunes you could ever hope to find. Mind Elevation, their fourth LP, will calm your nerves, relax your body, and chill out your very soul.

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Transatlantic Tunnel

Impressive special effects, large set pieces, and a keen eye for future technology are the highlights of this entertaining film from 1935.

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Classic Mondays: Deadlock

In this week’s Classic Mondays feature, we take a look at the 1996 turn-based strategy PC classic Deadlock: Planetary Conquest.

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Prime Time (aka American Raspberry)

An unknown person takes over the TV airwaves, replacing all shows and commercials with hilariously offensive programming.

Warning: there’s some NSFW and potentially offensive content in this post.

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