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There are many TV shows that explore stories of paranormal encounters, but A Haunting on Discovery Channel is one of the better ones out there.

Each episode in A Haunting focuses on a different paranormal event or haunted location.  Narrated by Anthony Call and featuring interviews with various eyewitnesses and experts, A Haunting does a great job of telling these stories.  While some of the stories are creepier than others, one thing is abundantly clear: the eye witnesses interviewed for these episodes truly believe what they encountered, and nothing you could ever do or say would convince them otherwise.  This gives their opinions real weight, as their recounting of events (presented as voiceovers and cutaways in the middle of reenactments) really help add to the tension.  It’s also interesting to hear what they have to say, and watch their version of the story play out through the reenactments.

The reenactments are cheesy yet effective.  They aren’t high budget, and the conversational acting quality is on par with the sort of thing you would expect in a show like this.  However, the reenactments themselves leave no question about how it must have felt to have gone through these experiences.  Each one is done like a mini horror film; they all give you an uneasy feeling and really make it seem like you are experiencing these events right along with the people who actually experienced them.  Camera angles, sound design, even the acting quality all seem to go from ok to excellent when it comes time to show creepy parts of the story.  

The actors, while mediocre when it comes to general script reading, are all great at portraying the fear these people must have felt.  The fear in their eyes comes across realistically, rather than a set of instructions given to them by the director.  I don’t know what these actors did to psych themselves up or how much assistance they were given by the set designs, but whatever it was they did, it worked.  You can tell when they walk into certain rooms or situations that something just isn’t right.  The atmosphere is relayed to the viewer perfectly, and each episode has its own unique feel to it.

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Spanning four seasons totaling 39 episodes (not including the two pilot episodes), there are plenty of stories to explore with A Haunting.  In fact, the first pilot episode inspired the film The Haunting in Connecticut (read our review of The Haunting in Connecticut here.)  The second pilot episode is currently slated to be made into a sequel of The Haunting in Connecticut.  A Haunting is a great series, and the whole thing is available on Netflix.  If you wish to purchase the series, you can grab all four seasons at Amazon for under $30.  Turn out the lights, pop the popcorn, snuggle up with your loved one, and prepare for one of the better paranormal TV shows ever aired.