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by Pojut on Dec.29, 2009, under Personal Experiences

For some inexplicable reason, I’ve REALLY gotten into desk/workstation setups in the past week or so.  I’ve read through this entire forum thread on [H]ard|OCP, as well as a few others from different websites.  Doing so inspired me to change my own setup around a little bit.  I had replaced my Dell 2005FPW a month or so ago, but for some reason didn’t try to set it up as a second monitor until now.  My desk went from this:

To this:

The only thing that really changed was that I lowered the shelf, moved my Storm Scout case off to the side, and set up my Dell as a secondary monitor…yet it has made a huge difference.  The room isn’t all that big in the first place, and making this change has really opened things up.  I also have a lot more usable desktop space now, which will really come in handy when I’m rockin’ my Dell Mini 9 and my PC at the same time.  I plan on going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to pick up a couple of nice kitchen cabinet knobs; I’ll drill them into the front of the hutch and use them as headphone holders.  I would go with just a plain ol’ banana holder, but I like having the clear desk space.

I’ve used a dual monitor setup at work for a while now, so it’s nice to finally have the same thing at home.  Torchlight on the one screen +Netflix streaming on the other = an awesome evening.

I also changed the way Brittnie’s desk is set up, so she now has full use of it instead of sharing it with a three-slot mail thing and a small flatscreen.  Our configurations will probably remain like this until we move.  Once that happens, I will hopefully put together a large U-shaped desk setup using the Galant series from Ikea (thanks, Mr. Bixby!)  My goal is to have both of our setups close to each other, a small flatscreen (with a wide viewing angle, naturally) between us so we can watch netflix/movies, play PC games, and/or work together at the same time.  Then, each of us would have a return, giving myself extra room for audio work and Brittnie extra room for school work.  See below for an example of what I’m talking about:

Not sure what we would do with the desks we use now, but one would likely be set up with an extra system for LANing it up with friends, while the other will (hopefully) get a Windows 98 box for our older PC games.

It’s mundane, I know…but I’m excited about it :-)

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